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Gledhill Pulsacoil A-Class Immersion Element XB083

Gledhill Pulsacoil A-Class Immersion Element XB083

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Gledhill Pulsacoil A-Class Immersion Element XB083: Efficient Water Heating

The Gledhill Pulsacoil A-Class Immersion Element XB083 is a vital component of your Pulsacoil A-Class system, responsible for efficiently heating water to meet your household's hot water demands. Designed for optimal performance, this immersion element ensures a reliable and consistent supply of hot water.

Quality Craftsmanship: Gledhill XB083 Immersion Element

Crafted with precision and expertise, the XB083 Immersion Element reflects Gledhill's commitment to quality. Made from durable materials, this element withstands the rigors of daily water heating, providing years of dependable service.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency with XB083 Immersion Element

The XB083 Immersion Element seamlessly integrates into your Pulsacoil A-Class system, contributing to its overall efficiency. Its design facilitates easy installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine during setup.

Reliable Replacement Solution: XB083 Immersion Element

Benefit from the XB083 Immersion Element's enhanced energy efficiency. By heating water only when needed, it helps reduce energy consumption and contributes to a more sustainable living environment.

Rapid Heating Performance: Gledhill XB083 Immersion Element

Experience quick and efficient water heating with the XB083 Immersion Element. Its rapid heating capabilities ensure you have hot water readily available, even during peak usage times.


Before buying the Gledhill Pulsacoil A Class Immersion Element XB083 please contact a qualified electrician, plumber, or gas safe engineer who can work on the Gledhill PulsaCoil System and has an understanding of mains pressure hot supply system incorporating an off peak electric thermal store.

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Pictures may be different of the Gledhill PulsaCoil Parts & Gledhill PulsaCoil Spares from the product displayed as the manufacturer is always updating the product but the basic design will be the same.

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