PulsaCoil Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging For Your PulsaCoil

PulsaCoil thermal imaging looks for hot spots within your PulsaCoil system. Hot spots are the problem areas and show up as red on the image.

PulsaCoil thermal Imaging 

The image above shows a component that is overheating and is a threat. This cannot be seen by you or any engineers eyes and PulsaCoil thermal imaging equipment is required.

How does PulsaCoil thermal imaging help?

Thermal image of your system and it supply with a thermal imaging camera, our engineer can examine your PulsaCoil system to predict when any maintenance is required, preventing potential faults from disrupting day-to-day hot water and most potential fire hazards. You wont have any unexpected hazardous situations when thermal images are taken and the faults rectified.

Is thermal imaging suitable for my PulsaCoil?

This type of service is provided for all PulsaCoil users, from PulsaCoil 1 users all the way to a PulsaCoil Stainless users (including the Pulsacoil 2000). It allows accurate temperature measurements to be taken from a safe distance on equipment such as PSC, relays, contactors, connection points, spurs, consumer units and more.

What do you check on my PulsaCoil and do?

If you are having a basic service or fixed price repair or a PulsaCoil replacement carried out we would inspect the MCB's/Fuses in your consumer unit/fuse box. We would check the switched fused spurs supplying your PulsaCoil system, and all internal electrical components inside your PulsaCoil system. If any potential risks are found, we inform you of them and quote you on repairing them.

How much would I normally pay for this?

Prices start anywhere from £150+VAT. We include this at no extra charge to our customers when they are purchasing a service of any level, a fixed price repair or a new unit.

What other benefits does this give me?

The major benefit is the reduce chance of a breakdown or a fire occurring.

Other benefits of PulsaCoil thermal imaging as follows:

PulsaCoil improved performance
Energy is lost and usage is increased when a component or accessory is overheating. By replacing these it will bring down your electricity consumption. You may not think this is a big saving but over a long period of time like 1 year to 5 years this will add up.
Reduce time off work & stress with PulsaCoil thermal imaging
Overheating components and accessories breakdown when we least expect. You may then need to take time off work to meet and engineer on site and (or) go a day or two without hot water. This can be stressful so eliminate it with thermal imaging and preventive maintenance can save you time and stress.

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