PulsaCoil A-Class By Gledhill

PulsaCoil A Class Information

The Gledhill PulsaCoil A Class looks very similar to the PulsaCoil 2000 and operates very similar expect they don't have thermostat rods or overheat stats. Instead they have sensors. The PCB inside this system has been designed to collect information from all of theses sensors. The PCB also controls the pump and how fast it spins which allows heat transfer. The PCB also allows the system sensors to be diagnosed unlike the PulsaCoil 2000 or Pulsacoil 3. The main benefit to this is it helps reduce fault finding time. The most common fault with the Gledhill PulsaCoil A Class is that the relays tend to burn and catch fire. If you smell burning contact an engineer immediately. If the smell is ignored it could result in the PCB being damaged as well as the relays and in more serious cases a fire. Other faults which occur inside the PulsaCoil A Class are as follows: Immersion element failure which leads to no hot water being produced inside the thermal store. This parts usually last about 7-10 years depending on how much they are used and how hard the water is in your area. If your red fault light is flashing, then the immersion element failing could be the cause. Sometimes it could just mean the system has cooled down and you can use the boost function.


PulsaCoil A Class Immersion Starting To Leak

Sensor failure which results in system tank overheating and causing steam. When the sensors fail there is nothing telling the PCB to switch the relays off. So what happens is the element keeps on heating unit someone switches it off. This is why it steams the cupboard because the overheat stat isn't telling the PCB to switch of the Pulsacoil water heater. Sometimes the the PulsaCoil A Class red light flashing tells you this problem exists. Pump failing which results in insufficient hot water at tap or pump failed which results in no hot water. This fault really requires an engineer to check it as testing equipment is needed. A number of other issues could make you think your pump has failed. Plate heat exchanger contaminated resulting in lower water pressure coming out of hot water taps compared to cold water that. This usually occurs in harder water areas. If any of the above are causing you problems, don't worry. Our repair service can help you. Pulsacoil Repair Sometimes a PulsaCoil A Class needs to be replaced due to the cylinder leaking. This cannot be repaired.

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