Gledhill PulsaCoil BP By Gledhill

PulsaCoil BP Information

The Gledhill PulsaCoil BP was designed by Gledhill Building Products Ltd to work the same way as the PulsaCoil 1 which was the first thermal store cylinders in it range manufactured by Gledhill Water Storage . Instead of using the original Gledhill PulsaCoil 1 known as the "Punch Bag"  circular tube design, it came in a box shape like the PulsaCoil 2000 & A Class. It is believed by most to look better but does take up unnecessary cupboard space which is important in most apartments due to lack of space. The Gledhill PulsaCoil BP contains 2 immersion element and inside each of those a thermostat rod. Also a mixing valve is present which is used for heat control. External to the unit is a header tank which is used to fill the thermal store. If the cylinder does not heat up it could be due to the immersion elements failing or its thermostat rods failing (or thermostat rods cutting out). Other factors such as supply issues could be the cause. This includes electricity supplier issues, switched fused spurs failing or even loose connections. If the system is hot but no hot water comes out of the hot water tap or it fluctuates it could be the mixing valve is failing or has completely failed and needs replacing. The overhead tank water level also plays a part in how the system performs. If the water levels is low, it may give a slight fluctuation in hot water or limited hot water. This is due to a process called heat transfer. This is a common mistake so just double check you have  water in the header tank. To have the system repaired check out our PulsaCoil BP repair page. Let us show you why we are your best option. If the cylinder starts to leak it will require replacing as repairs are not possible (This is classed as beyond economical repair). Also a servicing and safety check options are available for this thermal store system. 

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